“MORE V” is the registered trademark for translucent or opaque fiberglass reinforced plastic panels manufactured by Shanghai More V Composite Material Co., Ltd..

Founded in 2002, More V quickly became recognized as the leading manufacturer of fiberglass reinforced plastic panels in China. In 2013, MORE V passed the FM approvals.  MORE V's patented, electronically controlled production process was introduced in 2002. This process revolutionized the industry in China. This innovative leadership continues today with exclusive proprietary products unequaled in this field.  MORE V has two plants in china, one is located at Jiangsu, another is in north china Hebei province. Five production lines are running up to date, including one wide line with max product width 3000 mm.

Translucent or opaque fiberglass reinforced plastic panels are manufactured with thermosetting, styrenated and acrylated polyester resins and are popularly called fiberglass panels or simply FRP panels. In some countries they are also referred to as GRP (glass reinforced plastics) panels.  MORE V manufactures FRP panels in more than118 different proprietary and standard profiles, in accordance with the most popular metal profiles, If these profiles do not solve your requirements,  MORE V engineering and sales personnel can help you design a profile to fit your specific application. MORE V panels are also available in flat sheets and rolls.

Fiberglass panel applications are only limited by man’s imagination.  MORE V panels are an excellent choice in any design situation where the utilization of daylight, strength, weather resistance, solar energy control, or light weight is desirable.

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" More VTM "和"多凱? ”是上海多凱復合材料有限公司機密技術工藝和連續機組生產線所生產的FRP板材的注冊商標、美國FM認證產品。MORE V 多凱是國家高新技術企業,國家建筑標準設計圖集參編單位。一直以來,MORE V多凱公司致力于國內外FRP板材的研發、制造、應用和服務工作,是目前國內FRP板材行業內的知名企業,設有上海總部、華東(蘇州工廠)、華北(河北邯鄲)兩大生產基地,同時擁有三條目前國內最先進,自動化程度最高的窄幅板材生產線(1.5米),及兩條目前亞洲地區最大、最先進的寬幅板材生產線(最寬達3米),生產工藝在國內外首屈一指。

作為中國復合材料工業協會的理事單位,多凱公司擁有強大的科研力量,從而確保多凱產品及新工藝、新產品能一直領先于國內同行業,不僅滿足了國內市場的需求,還大量出口到歐洲、東南亞及美洲。憑借優質的產品質量和扎實可靠的技術實力,MORE V多凱的產品群已覆蓋FRP采光板、FRP防腐板材及消防聯動電動排煙天窗這三大領域。并成熟地應用于各類輕鋼結構建筑。客戶群包括有:BUTLER巴特勒、ABC美建、USAS美聯、BESTEEL鋼之杰、GMS通用鋼構、BSCC寶鋼建總、杭蕭、精工、東南、士興、多維、北方空間、華胤、首鋼、各大冶建公司等。